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  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series

(Pre-Order) Road Rim Brake RV Series 20H/24H

SKU: RV40 / Shimano / White
“Popular Performance Carbon Road Wheel."

Pre-Order Notice: production under an order basis, and the next batch will be available around the middle to end of March.
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  • Model:
    RV40 (Pre-Order)
    RV55 (Pre-Order)
  • Freehub:
  • Water Decal:
  • Description
  • Maintenance Notes
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  • Economic carbon wheels that don’t disappoint.
  • Popular Sapim Race spokes strike a great balance of weight and strength, and also give you the convenience of maintenance.
  • Balanced lacing and even spoke tension offer a stiff and efficient wheel for a smooth riding experience.
  • The carbon layup with high-level precision makes the extraordinary stiffness-to-weight ratio, ensuring your smooth riding in all road conditions, climbs and flats.
  • Hubs with good geometry build the whole wheels even stiffer.
  • Combined with the NineVelo-specific brake pad, the brake track with the heat-resistant composite layer can perform brakings composedly and effortlessly. 

Road Rim Brake RV Series
Model RV40 RV55
Wheel Type 700C Carbon Wheelset
Brake Type Rim Brake
Tire Compatibility Tubeless Compatible
Rim Finish UD Matte
Rim Depth 40mm 55mm
Rim Outer Width 26mm
Rim Inner Width 19mm
Tire Size Range Compatibility 700×23c - 700×45c
Spoke Hole Count 20H/24H
Spoke Sapim Race
Spoke Pattern Radial front, 2X rear
Nipple Sapim SILS, alloy
Hub V300 J-bend, 9*100/10*130
Bearing Steel bearings, front: 2*6803, rear: 15267*3, 6802
Freehub Shimano/Sram XDR
Weight (Pair)* 1437g* 1569g*
Rider Weight Limit 120kg/265lbs
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
*±30g, tubeless tape weight not included


  • Tubeless tape: pre-installed
  • Tubeless valves
  • Spare spokes
  • Spare nipples
  • Braking pads
  • Quick release skewer set


Whether it is stainless steel or aluminum alloy spokes, if they are not maintained and taken care of after some rides in the rain and dirt, they will rust, especially if you live on an island, in areas with high temperatures or in humid environments. Therefore, diligent washing (spokes and nipples), drying and maintenance are necessary and can prolong the life of the spokes and nipples.


NineVelo aims to bring you high-level wheels at affordable prices and let you cycle with fun and passion, and we know good rides are backed up with excellent product support. The following is the warranty policy that covers your wheels should you have any unexpected issues.


At 9Velo we are proud to have the BEST QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS IN THE INDUSTRY. We provide a limited 2-year warranty for original owners of the 9Velo product beginning from the date of receipt of your wheel. This warranty covers all manufacturing and workmanship defects for the duration of this period.

When a product is confirmed defective and still within the warranty coverage period, it will be replaced or repaired at no replacement or repair charge. The shipping costs of the wheels are borne by us in the case that the defects happen within 6 months after the date of your receipt; and in the event of defects happening beyond 6 months after the date of the receipt, this shipping fee is borne by the customer.


We provide lifetime repair service with some extra charge based on the different cases.

The above warranty, or any implied warranty, does not cover:
。Normal wear and tear on parts.
。Consumable components including spokes, nipples, brake pads and brake track.
。Damage while using non-approved brake pads or tires on your product.
。Not the original owner of the wheelset.
。Modifications of the product from its original condition.
。Malicious damage and inappropriate usage.


If you are the original owner of 9Velo wheels and suspect any defects or malfunctions, please
。Stop using and riding on it immediately.
。Contact 9Velo and provide proof of purchase and any necessary evidence about the defects or malfunctions for the assessment.
。We will reply to you and progress as soon as possible.


We understand that crash suffers, and being not supported even suffers more. If your 9Velo wheels are damaged as a result of a crash, 9Velo Crash Replacement Program is here to help you back to cycling smoothly.
All 9Velo wheelsets are covered with the lifetime crash replacement policy. This policy can be used to obtain a discounted replacement product if non-warranty damage occurs while riding your bike.

  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
  • Road Rim Brake RV Series
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